Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Five top tips - from super strength to growing money

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From hitting rock, to growing money here are some of our top tips for playing Animal Crossing!

Nintendo launched Animal Crossing: New Horizons on their Switch console in March, and since then it has taken off all over the world!

It's on track to break a record in Japan for becoming the fastest selling game of all time, - selling 1.88 million copies in just the first three days alone!

The game is all about building your own village on a deserted island, and making friends with cute animal villagers.

There are lots of ways to get the most out of the game, here are our top five...

What's the best way to hit a rock?!
animal-crossing-hit-rocks.Nintendo/Animal Crossing
Digging holes behind you means you can get more items from a rock!

Once you get a shovel in the game you'll be able to hit the rocks on your island to earn materials and even money!

However, when players hit the rock, they bounce back in recoil - meaning you can only earn a few materials each time.

TOP TIP: If you dig two holes behind your character it will stop you from recoiling.

You can hit a rock up to eight times in one go using this method, meaning lots of materials and bells!

How to get more Nook Miles and how best to spend them?
animal-crossing-nook-stop.Nintendo/Animal Crossing
If you check in with the Nook Stop machine each day you'll get more Nook Miles!

Nook Miles are pretty important in Animal Crossing!

You can earn them by doing activities on your island like fishing and plating flowers, and if you check into the Nook Stop machine in Tom Nook's tent, you can earn them every day.

You can also spend them in a variety of different ways, but the best ones include buying the Pocket Organisation Guide (to give you more space for items in your inventory) and on Nook Miles tickets.

These tickets can also take you to new islands. There you can get fruit, flowers, bugs and fish you haven't seen before, and even meet new villagers to invite to live on your island!

What does eating fruit do?
animal-crossing-eat-fruit.Nintendo/animal crossing
Eating fruit can give you super-strength!

An apple a day might keep be a good idea anyway, but in Animal Crossing it gives you superpowers!

Eating a piece of fruit will give you the power to dig up entire trees and break rocks.

This power is useful for moving around trees to put things in better places on your map.

But, be wary, don't gobble down all the fruit if you want to just get materials from a rock - otherwise you'll have to wait a while for it to come back!

Also, you can get rid of all of your erm... fruit-powered strength by using a toilet.

Shake your trees!
animal-crossing-shake-trees.Nintendo/Animal Crossing
Shaking your trees can give you all sorts of good stuff!

You'll be amazed at what you can find hiding in trees - mini-fridges, picnic baskets, and even sofas?! Oh yes!

It's not just sticks you'll get from shaking trees, you can also find rare items for your home.

But, we recommend keeping a net out whilst shaking them, as homeware isn't the only thing that might fall out of the tree.

Watch out for wasps! Shaking a tree could cause a wasp nest to fall out, but if you have your trusty net out, you should be able to catch them quickly to avoid being stung.

A magic money tree?
animal-crossing-bell-bags.Nintendo/Animal Crossing
Growing your own money trees is a good investment!

Look out for a surprise from the glowing circles in the grass.

If you dig up a glowing circle, you'll net yourself 1,000 Bells (the games' currency).

However, if you plant the money back in the hole, a tree will sprout.

Check back in three days time and you'll have 3,000 Bells growing on the tree!

animal-crossing-celebrate.Nintendo/Animal Crossing

Overall, take your time, play your own way, have fun and don't compare yourself to others!

If you have any fun tips to share, then drop them in the comments below!

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