How animals are helping to cheer people up during the coronavirus outbreak

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dog-and-child-stuck-insideGetty Images

While millions of us are staying safe at home during the coronavirus outbreak, many people are trying to do their best to entertain and boost spirits within their communities.

And the animal kingdom is also playing its part!

Here are some of the best examples of animals cheering people up during this tricky time.

The alpacas who visited a care home

The residents at a care home in West Lothian in Scotland had these cute fluffy alpacas come to pay them a visit!

They weren't able to have a cuddle as the residents are all self-isolating, but they said they enjoyed chatting to them through the windows.

The Urban Nature Retreat, who brought the alpacas to say hello, said the residents and their families have been overwhelmed by the act of kindness.

The therapy dog handing out hugs to health workers
Wynn the therapy dogInstagram: Ashley Wilt

Meet Wynn, the one-year-old trainee service dog.

Wynn is being trained by A&E doctor Susan in Denver, USA, for Canine Companions - a charity helping to train service dogs.

Susan says Wynn has been comforting doctors and nurses in the hospital as they treat people with coronavirus.

"Staff can wash their hands and have a moment with her," she says.

"She has saved us because we are very stressed and anxious."

You are doing an amazing job Wynn!

Tofu the cat joining in with prayers
Cat-joining-in-with-prayerTwitter: fahmitsu

Religious buildings and places of worship such as mosques, churches and synagogues have been temporarily closed during the pandemic so many people are having to pray from home.

Tofu the cat seemed to think her owner needed company while praying - she even has her own prayer mat!


Therapy dog visits students stuck at home

Music teacher Chris Hannah found himself in a bit of tricky situation after the school he works at in the United States closed.

His students look forward to seeing Chris' therapy dog, Cole, everyday.

Despite the school closure, Chris managed to find a clever way to reach the students.

He paid them a much-needed visit by driving past their houses so they could see Cole in person. Some of the children went all-out, making posters and decorating their driveways to welcome their furry friend!

Our pets will 'get us through this lockdown'
Supervet says pets will help us throughGetty Images

TV's 'Supervet' Noel Fitzpatrick says our furry friends will help us through the trickiest times of self-isolation.

"Coronavirus should make us realise that our families, and animal or human love is all we have," he said.

He says that we all become our most natural selves with our animals and that our ability to show compassion and love will shine through.

"I am reflecting on how important it is for humans and the animals we care about to look after each other right now," he added.

So if you can, go and steal a hug from your dog, cat, tortoise or any other pet you may have.

Not got a pet? Another family member in your house will do! You never know - it might make you feel a little better!