Coronavirus: Acts of kindness and ways people are spreading cheer

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Many people in the UK and across the world are self-isolating and social-distancing at the moment to help limit the impact of the coronavirus.

It's a tough time; many schools are closed, lots of people can't see their friends and family and NHS staff are working hard to help those who've been affected by the pandemic.

However, people are coming up with some unique ways to cheer others up during this tricky time. Check out the ways people have been spreading joy!

Zoo puts on a virtual tour
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Penguins are part of Chester Zoo's virtual tour

Like most places in the UK, zoos are currently closed. Visitors may not be able to take a trip to see their favourite animals at the moment, but bosses at Chester Zoo have managed to find a way to bring the zoo right into people's homes!

They have been hosting a virtual zoo on Facebook, giving children (and adults!) the chance to get a glance of all their favourite animals.

Animal lovers have been able to see pandas, giraffes, elephants, butterflies, bears, tigers, penguins and lots of exotic fish in the aquarium.

Team GB share their amazing Olympic memories
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The British Olympic team won't be heading to the Games in Tokyo until 2021 now that this year's games have been postponed.

However, this hasn't stop them from spreading a bit of Olympic joy!

The full opening ceremony from London 2012 was posted on team GB's Twitter page and they encouraged others to share their memories from the games too.

NHS staff getting free meals
Meals for the NHS hopes to deliver food to NHS staff right across the UK

NHS staff have been working incredibly hard to help people in hospitals and this often means working really long hours.

One new business has found a way to support these employees. Meals for the NHS is a charitable enterprise that's currently raising money to provide free meals for NHS staff.

More than £90,000 has been raised already, which is being used to pay restaurants to make and deliver food for hospital staff.

Food is currently being delivered to eight hospitals in London and Meals for the NHS has received requests for a whopping 5,000 meals a day!

Celebs busting some serious self-isolation moves
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Perrie Edwards and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain's dance

Perrie Edwards from Little Mix and footballer Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have been getting their groove on in their home whilst self-isolating.

The Little Mixer posted a clip of the pair's brilliant TikTok dance attempt on Instagram and it seems to have cheered lots of people up.

The video has been already watched more than 9 million times!

Westhill Park care home residents are now on TikTok!
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Check out these groovy dance moves!

The lovely residents of Westhill Park care home have found a new way to keep both themselves and others well and truly entertained!

By using TikTok to upload their finest moves!

Check out their slick choreography in the video above.

Therapy dog visits students stuck at home

Music teacher Chris Hannah found himself in a bit of tricky situation after the school he works at in America closed because of the coronavirus.

His students look forward to seeing Chris' therapy dog, Cole, everyday. Many of the students rely on Cole to help them with their anxiety and emotions.

Despite the school closure, Chris managed to find a clever way to reach the students. He paid them a much-needed visit by driving past their houses so they could see Cole in person. Some of the children went all-out, making posters and decorating their driveways to welcome their furry friend!

Children paint colourful rainbows on their windows
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Lots of children are at home at the moment, but this hasn't stopped kids from spreading the love.

Many have been drawing and painting bold and bright rainbows and putting them in their windows for others to see.

What a fantastic way to brighten someone's day!

Some very imaginative birthday celebrations
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Check out one girl's incredible birthday surprise!

Many children in the UK had a parties planned to celebrate their big day, but that's not been possible for lots of kids right now.

However, the internet has recently seen lots of wonderful and unique birthday festivities.

Eight-year-old Sophie had her entire street sing Happy Birthday to her and five-year-old Rosie was sent thousands of animal pictures on Twitter for her big day after her party was cancelled. How amazing is that?

How have you been spreading a bit of cheer? Let us know in the comments!

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