Coronavirus: Tell us your TV and streaming recommendations

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After you've done your school work and done some exercise, you've earned a bit of a break.

Watching TV is probably high up on your list for chilling out at the moment, but it can be tough choosing what to watch with so much on offer.

Especially if you're thinking of hosting a watch party!

So we want you to tell us what you're loving right now. What would you recommend others to try out?

Send us a short video of you telling us the name of your favourite show and explain in one sentence why you like it so much.

Maybe it's a new programme or series, or it might be something a bit older which you just love watching over and over again.

You can upload your videos using these links and don't forget you can also post your suggestions in the comments section below too.

Are you ready to send your stuff?

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A parent can also help you upload your videos and pictures here.

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