Coronavirus rainbow window pictures and videos - we want them!

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Rainbow-windowTwitter/ Dee Wright
This brilliant rainbow window in the UK was posted on social media

Lots of you have been drawing rainbows to put in your windows and we want to see them!

People have been putting up the colourful creations to help cheer others up and raise a smile as they spend more time inside.

It's also fun spotting them if you go out for a walk!

So, we want to see your drawings! Whether it's a bright rainbow or even a smiley face or multi-coloured handprint.

Send us a picture of your rainbow, you with your rainbow or even a video of you drawing or painting it and the final masterpiece!

We'd love to be able to put as many of them as we can into a gallery on our website and in our news bulletins - then you can see if you can spot yours!

You can send your rainbow photos and videos to us using the links below:

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A parent can also help you upload your videos and pictures here.

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