Meet Newsround's new presenter Shanequa

Ricky, Leah, Martin, Hayley and De-Graft have got a new team-mate to help bring you all the latest news - meet Shanequa who's joined the Newsround team!

She loves writing poems (about random things such as avocados!) and she even has her own allotment so she can grow fresh fruit and veg.

Shanequa says she also once performed a Britney Spears song at a talent show and forgot all the lyrics. Oops she did it again...

But her dancing is better than her singing - she knows all the dance moves to Beyonce's performances!

And let's hope she saves her dinner time for after she's presented the bulletins, because she's a self-confessed slow eater: "I once ate my dinner so slow we watched a three-hour film and I still wasn't finished!"

Welcome to the team Shanequa!