Coronavirus: My parents aren't together, can I still see them both?

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To try to stop the spread of coronavirus, the government has announced new rules which limit what people can do and where they can go.

The rules mean people can only leave their homes to do a few things, for example to buy essential food or medicines, or for exercise.

One of the other reasons people are allowed to go out during this time is to provide care.

This includes moving children who are under 18 years old between their parents' homes.

So for children whose parents live apart, they should still be able to see both of them.

However, there might be some circumstances which mean this isn't possible. For example if one parent, or someone they live with, is having to self-isolate because they are ill or because they might be vulnerable to the disease.

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If you can't visit one of your parents don't forget there are lots of other ways to keep in touch - why not video call them or try and arrange an online gaming session?

Remember, the rules will be reviewed by the government in three weeks' time, so they won't be in place forever.

When big changes like this happen, it can make you feel scared or confused - but that's completely normal.

If you are worried, psychologist Laverne Antrobus has some tips you can follow here.

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