Coronavirus: Send your thank you messages to key workers

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Have you got a message of thanks for the key workers?

The prime minister has told people to stay at home to try and stop the spread of the coronavirus.

But he's asked some people to keep working, mainly those in jobs that help affected people - these people are called key workers.

They have jobs as doctors or nurses, or jobs that help everyone stay safe and able to stock their homes - like police men and women or supermarket workers.

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Nurses and doctors are working hard to make sure people are safe

Even though Boris Johnson announced that most schools should close, if your parents or carers are key workers you might have to still go to school.

That's because the government want to make sure your parents or carers can still do their important jobs.

So whether your mum or dad is a key worker, or you know someone who is, we want to hear your messages for them! Do you want to thank your teacher for staying at school? Do you want to thank a nurse who helped your family member? Whoever it is you'd like to thank or give a special message to, record a video and sent it to us.

Are you ready to send your stuff?

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