Here's what you told us about your new home-school timetable

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We asked you to tell us how you have set your days out now that most of you are doing your school work at home, and we got loads of responses about how everyone was tackling home-school.

You have all had some great ideas about how to stay on top of your work, keep active and make sure you have a bit of fun.

For some of you, your school has sent out timetables to keep to, but some have worked out a plan with the adults you live with.

Staying active around your work

One guy who featured a lot was Joe Wicks - loads of you are using his online PE class to keep active and wake yourselves up in the morning.

User U17348986 wrote: "Tomorrow i will be joining Joe Wicks like i have done this morning," but then had loads of work still to do.

"At ten i will we starting English until eleven when i start math and end at twelve then lunch and chill. After that i do science then at two i do online work(with breaks in between ). Hope this helps!"

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Joe Wicks is helping people stay active in their living room with an online PE lesson
How to fit it all in

For some of you you're working out how to get everything on your timetable into your day.

Cactibee123 wrote: "I have to follow my time table exactly, so, 5 1 hour lessons, a 20 minute break and a 50 minute break. I am 11 so I'm at secondary school and it is hard because it is different every day with no pattern like english only in the morning and stuff like that."

While BluePeterlover_06_lover said it "felt really weird to be home all day" and added: "My school have encouraged us to follow our timetable at home so today I did Maths, French, Drama, History and P.E. I get work through our emails."

U18187638 said: "Every day, I have 4 lessons a day, English, maths, and two other classes such as, science, geography or history.'

However, they also said they, "go for a walk and try to spot rainbows in the windows", and are "writing a diary of our favourite things that happened each day so we can look back on the positive parts".

What a great idea that is.

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Lots to do

For some of you, you thought that your school might be setting too much work for you.

StarryNight said: "It's really annoying though my teachers are setting way more work than they would at school. I have to write a storyline for a musical and write about the characters for music ๐Ÿ˜ฉ. My friend at a different school got told to write a 500 word essay for drama even though there is no way you could do that in a usual lesson."

But they did add that, they have "just been doing my work at what time I like ๐Ÿ˜‚". That's one advantage of being at home - you can get your work done when you most like to do it.

Finally, RainbowCattypillar made a great point about staying in touch with your friends even though you aren't seeing each other in school. They said: "At my school, they're putting work on the school website for us to do and I've been sticking to my normal timetable as best I can, even though my mum says I'm working too hard. I've also arranged time to talk to my friends instead of form time so I don't get lonely."

Let us know how your new timetable is working out in the comments!

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