Coronavirus: Selena Gomez takes part in #SafeHandsChallenge

Last updated at 10:22
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Coronavirus: Selena Gomez does the #SafeHandsChallenge

There's a new viral challenge going round the internet that has already got pop star Selena Gomez smashing it.

It's called the #SafeHandsChallenge and to take part people are videoing themselves washing their hands correctly.

In her video, Selena challenges fellow stars Cardi B and Gigi Hadid to do their bit and give the challenge a go, too.

Selena didn't hold back on her challenge. Despite official advice saying you only have to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds, she splashed, scrubbed and soaped for a full 40!

Selena also revealed that she's self-isolating at home with her dog and grandma.


The #SafeHandsChallenge was created by the World Health Organization as a way to make sure people wash their hands properly to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Washing your hands properly remains one of the best ways to stop yourself from spreading the disease.