Coronavirus: Meet the heroes keeping the country running - and tell us who your heroes are

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medical-staff.Getty Images
Medical staff helping people in Wolverhampton

Lots of people are working really hard to tackle coronavirus.

They're helping people out in all sorts of ways.

There are doctors, nurses, teachers, volunteers, and delivery drivers, all working hard to make sure people are looked after, vital supplies are delivered to shops, and things run smoothly for everyone doing their bit by staying at home.

Take a look at some of these heroes, and let us know who yours are in the comments.

Medical staff
medical-staff.Getty Images

The NHS is working really hard to take care of people.

Lots of people are helping people who have the virus, as well as doing their normal hospital jobs.

The government has even asked retired nurses and doctors if they can come back to work and help out and 4,500 people have signed up to help.

There are also already plans for a 'clap for carers' to say thanks from everybody in the country.

Do any of your family work in the NHS? What do they do? Are they your coronavirus hero?

Community groups

Community groups have been set up all over the country to help people.

Do you know anybody in your local area helping everyone get organised to help each other out? What are they doing? Tell us in the comments section below?

One group in Dorset, called Sherborne Viral Kindness, is trying to help people who are self-isolating by checking in and making sure they have enough supplies.

It's also trying to buy from local businesses to keep local shops running.

Milkmen and women

This milkman has become well-known for not only delivering milk to people's houses, but things like washing up liquid and tea too.

Tony Fowler has been covering villages in north Leicestershire for more than 35 years.

He's changed lightbulbs, picked up medication and shared books for his elderly customers.

Postal workers

This postal worker has been praised for his acts of kindness.

Residents in North Somerset have been thanking Geoff Sacklyn for checking in on people he delivers to, and for "bringing them joy".

girl-delivering-flowers.Paula Merrett

A four-year-old girl has received lots of 'thank yous' after handing out flowers around her local area in Coventry.

She helped her grandparents, who are florists, bring a bit of cheer to people's houses.

Paul Merrett, her grandfather, said "she dropped the flowers then stepped back before wishing them well".

That's great social distancing as well!

We want to know who your coronavirus heroes are. Let us know in the comments below.

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