How would you save the football season?

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YOU are now in charge of football - so how do you sort out the rest of the season?

All elite football has been suspended in the UK due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Now, the people in charge are trying to work out how to resolve the current professional football seasons.

They are hoping to carry on playing when it is safe to do so, but if that is not possible, how should the winners be decided and how do we decide which of the bottom teams are relegated?

What would YOU do?

It's time to tear up the rule book! YOU are now in charge of football and the people are looking to you to help finish the current season. But what is the best possible outcome?

Use the ranked list below to decide what your decision would be...

Here are five choices:

Rock, paper, scissors tournament!

That's it. If we can't play football, we hold a rock, paper, scissors tournament via video chat - it is the ONLY way!

A huge penalty shootout between the bottom six teams.

First three teams to miss go down. It might be heartbreaking but it would make GREAT TV!

Behind closed doors

Play the matches but don't have any fans watching. Football in an empty stadium might be weird, but you'd get a result and it would be same for each team.

Scrap it all and restart the season

You can't possibly decide who wins and who goes down if you can't play football so let's just start again and see what happens...

Leave it how it is...

We have played plenty of football - the top teams have proved their worth.

Declare them the winners and the rest of the table is as it stands.

Sorry bottom sides - should have played better throughout the season... Harsh but fair?

Make your choice now!

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