International Happiness Day: Send us your happiest moments of the year!

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Happy International Happiness Day!

Happiness may mean something different to everyone, but the founder of the United Nations International Day of Happiness believes it is a "fundamental human right" for all.

The day, celebrated on 20 March, was created by United Nations special adviser Jayme Illien. He said happiness is a "goal for al human beings".

So we want to know - what's been your happiest moment of the year so far? Was it a hug from one of your family members? A reeeeally nice bowl of ice cream? Did you do well in something at school? Let us know in the comments!

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It's International Happiness Day! What makes you happy?

This video might give you some inspiration!

And why not take part in our vote that asks which cute animal makes you smile most?

We're looking forward to reading about your happiest moments of the year so far.

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