Mum Sara Lodge asks Twitter to save her five-year-old's birthday

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A mum asked social media for a birthday favour...and it went viral!

Birthdays are a pretty big deal. They only come around once a year and it's the perfect opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. You may even get some presents or a yummy cake!

Rosie was getting ready to celebrate her fifth birthday last week,, but her family ended up having to self-isolate for two weeks.

Sadly, that meant Rosie's birthday party had to be cancelled and her grandparents weren't able to visit to celebrate her big day.

However, Rosie's mum Sara came up with a clever plan involving social media to make the day just as special.


She asked Twitter users to send pictures of their dogs and other animals to help put a smile on Rosie's face and ended up getting a huge response.

Her tweet has been liked more than 125,000 times so far and people across over the world have sent all types of animal photos and videos to help put a smile on Rosie's face. There have been dogs, cats, cows, lambs, dolphins, hedgehogs and even a pangolin!

Rosie and her mum Sara were delighted by all the messages.

Sara tweeted: "Thank you SO much for everyone who sent pictures and good wishes for my little girl's birthday! We're overwhelmed by your kindness. The animals have given us hours of fun and made us feel much less alone."

What animals would instantly put a smile on your face? Let us know in the comments!

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