Coronavirus: How is the virus affecting your plans?

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Lots of special measures have been introduced, both here in the UK and abroad, to try and reduce the spread of coronavirus - and we want to know if they've had an impact on your plans.

In Ireland all schools are closing for two weeks, with many museums and galleries also choosing to shut.

In the UK, some students have been told to self-isolate, which often means they haven't been able to see friends or go out as much as normal.

Evie, who's on lockdown in Italy told us at first it felt like a holiday, but now she's getting bored.

In other places people have been told to keep at least a metre apart, as part of social distancing.

All professional football matches in UK have been suspended until at least 3 April, travel restrictions have been put in place, and lots of flights have been cancelled.

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Lily has been joining her science lessons online because she had to self-isolate at home.

Music festivals have been postponed, and theme parks including EuroDisney have temporarily shut down.

The release of some new films like Mulan have been delayed, and the London Marathon on 26 April has been postponed until October.

Some families have also been taking steps to better protect elderly relatives, for example replacing face-to-face visits with phone calls if there is a risk of spreading the virus.

How has the coronavirus affected your plans?

So whether it's your after-school club being called off, not being able to visit to your gran or your holiday being cancelled, we want to know what changes have meant for you.

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