Coronavirus: Your questions answered

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Dr Xand and Dr Chris answer your coronavirus questions


"The more you know, the better you feel," says Dr Chris.

That's why the doctor and his twin brother Dr Xand, from CBBC's Operation Ouch, have been answering YOUR questions about coronavirus.

Coronavirus is a new flu-like virus spreading around the world. The virus causes an illness called Covid-19.

It has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization - that's a part of the United Nations whose aim is to look after the health and wellbeing of people around the world.

A pandemic is a disease that is spreading in multiple countries around the world at the same time.

Dr Chris and Dr Xand have been to a school in London with Newsround to answer your coronavirus questions and concerns.

Dr Chris and Dr Xand.
Elbow-hellos all round as Drs Xand and Chris meet some school kids with questions.
What are the symptoms?

One of the most popular questions kids sent in to the Newsround inbox was: "What are the symptoms of coronavirus?"

Dr Xand answered this one, explaining: "Everyone who gets symptoms gets a fever."

"Most of the people who get a fever get tired. A lot of the people who get tired get achy muscles and a lot of those people get a cough."

"One of the things that doesn't seem to be very common is sneezing."

Dr Chris added: "If you have difficulty breathing, go to hospital."

What can we do to prevent catching the virus?

Another popular question was: "How can we prevent catching the virus?"

Dr Xand said: "You are all going to be really important in slowing down the spread of this disease because every day you spend time in close contact with other people... you're in school. So you spread around illnesses much more quickly.

"Even more than normal, you should stay at home if you're feeling poorly.

"The other thing is washing your hands."

How do you tell if someone might be ill?

The kids in Tottenham also asked the doctors whether there are any visible ways to spot if someone has the virus.

"There is no person you're more likely to catch it off in terms of what they look like or where they come from," Dr Xand said.

"Any one of us could catch it and any one of us could spread it on, so be nice to everybody", he added.

Should we be worried?

Dr Chris said it's not something people should panic about, but it is ok for children to feel a bit worried.

He told the kids: "What I hope you've all found is…the more you know the better you feel.

"Knowledge is power, and even when you find out things about this virus which might feel frightening, actually you still feel better. So it's not a thing you should panic about.

"It's a thing you can worry about, but the more you know the less worried you'll be."

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