Diversity: Tesco to sell plasters for different skin colours and tones

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Tesco plasterTesco

The UK's biggest supermarket has announced it is now selling plasters for people with different skin colours.

Tesco said that by providing plasters in different skin tones, they would "better represent the nation".

Stores across the UK will now stock light, medium and dark plasters.

The supermarket came up with the new range after a man in the US tweeted about using a plaster matching his skin colour for the first time.


Tesco said it was the first UK supermarket to make plasters that represent different skin colours.

Superdrug told the BBC it will also be launching plasters for dark tone, medium tone and light tone skin in six weeks' time across all of its stores.

People on social media have been positive about the news, although some are asking why it has taken this long.

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What do you think of the new skin tone plasters?

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What other products do you think should be changed to better reflect diversity and be fairer to everyone?

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