Mona Lisa: Rubik's Cube version of famous painting sells for $520,680

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It's one of the most famous paintings in the whole word.

The Mona Lisa, by Leonardo da Vinci, lives in the Louvre Gallery in Paris but a copycat version with a difference could be in a gallery near you soon!

A mosaic version of the painting, made out of Rubik's Cube squares, has sold at auction for over half a million dollars.

The artwork by anonymous French street artist Invader - they're a bit like the artist Banksy - sold for $520,680 (£403,493).

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Who is Invader?

Invader used the plastic puzzles' squares to create a mosaic of the Mona Lisa and her famous smile in bright colours.

Invader is known for his mosaic tile works featuring pixelated versions of old Space Invaders video game characters, which "invade" cities around the world

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Invader, who defines himself as an UFA, an Unidentified Free Artist, wears a mask and insists on his face being pixelated for his rare appearances on camera.

We wonder what masterpiece he'll recreate in colourful cubes, next!

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