Storm Dennis: UK could see a month's worth of rain in 24 hours

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Parts of the UK are facing more heavy rain with nearly 120 flood warnings in place across the country.

In north Wales and north-west England a month's worth of rain is forecast for just 24 hours, falling on ground that is already saturated following Storm Dennis.

England has already had 41% more rain so far this month than it would normally see during the entire month of February, according to the Environment Agency (EA).

Aerial-view-of-the-Welsh-village-of-Crickhowell-which-has-been-cut-off-as-the-river-Usk-bursts-its-banks-at-Crickhowell-Bridge.PA Media
The Welsh village of Crickhowell was cut off earlier in the week as the river Usk bursts its banks

Persistent, heavy rainfall means rivers are less likely to be able to cope with further rain.

Eight rivers have reached record levels in recent days, the EA said.

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The EA said there is a "heightened flood risk" across the Midlands, with six severe warnings still in place around the Rivers Lugg, Severn and Wye.

Dave Throup, the EA's manager for Hereford and Worcestershire, said the Wye flooding was over half a metre higher than anything for 110 years.

He said on social media that "what I've seen over the last few days isn't normal. It isn't even the new normal. It's going to get worse. We need to adapt and respond. And fast."

He said that he was "so sorry for everyone whose life has been turned upside down".

Hundreds of people have been evacuated from their homes in the worst-affected areas, which include south Wales, Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Shropshire.

Houses-are-partially-covered-by-the-flooding-of-the-River-Wye.Getty Images
These houses became partially covered after the River Wye flooded following Storm Dennis

Yellow warnings for rain remain in place in south and north-west Wales until 2pm on Thursday 20 February. The Met Office says south Wales could see 50-60 milimetres (mm), and 70-100mm in north-west Wales.

Another yellow warning for rain covers part of north-west England until 3pm on Thursday, where up to 100mm could fall.

"In the worst case scenario we could see a month's worth of rain," said the Met Office's Craig Snell.

Other yellow weather warnings for rain are in place for:

  • Southern Scotland and the Scottish borders until 11am on Thursday
  • Western and south Scotland from 6am until 9pm on Friday
  • Yorkshire from 12pm on Friday until 6am on Saturday
A-van-sits-in-floodwater.PA Media
This was the scene near the village of Hampton Bishop near Hereford, after the River Lugg burst its banks in the aftermath of Storm Dennis

A yellow warning for wind for north-east England, southern Scotland and Yorkshire are in place for 12 hours from 8am on Friday.

Meanwhile, animal charity the RSPCA said rescue officers had been called out more than 200 times in the past 72 hours - including to help 60 sheep, horses, a swan and chickens.

Actor Michael Sheen, from Neath Port Talbot, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise money to help flooded communities in South Wales.

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