Weird clothes: Would you wear clothes made out of food?

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Just when you think you've heard it all, now your feet can smell like fried chicken. Yes, really.

KFC has teamed up with Crocs to create these chicken sliders.

These bad boys have chicken-scented clip-ons, because who wouldn't want their feet smelling like seasoned meat?

We can't decide - is it bizarre or a genius idea?

Chocolate dress

If chicken isn't your thing, but you have a sweet tooth, then listen up.

Chocolatiers and fashion designers collaborated to bring dresses made of chocolate to a Brussels catwalk.

Designer Giovanni Biasiolo used eight kilograms of chocolate to make the dress to celebrate Belgium, the home of chocolate.

14 different creations were on display at the annual "Salon du Chocolat" fair.

Sounds tasty but would you wear it?

Meat dress
lady-gaga-meatGetty Images

We all know popstar Lady Gaga loves dressing in an unconventional way at times.

But she definitely turned heads when she rocked up to the MTV Video Music Awards wearing a dress made of raw beef back in 2010.

The popstar said she wore it because she was making a political statement about discrimination of gay men and lesbians in the army.

However many animal rights activists weren't happy, as they felt it was disrespectful, but Lady Gaga strongly insisted she wasn't trying to offend anyone.

Spaghetti dress

They may be one of the most popular foods in the world but how would you feel about wearing a dress made of spaghetti?

Back in 2006, fashion designer Jeremy Scott created this spaghetti dress as a part of his Food Fight collection.

He even went all out and created a meatball necklace to go with it.

What's next? A parmesan hat? We think we might prefer meatballs in our dinner.

Cream puff wedding dress
cream-puffAssociated Press

Picking your wedding dress can be challenging for some but one woman found a solution thanks to her pastry chef husband.

Ukrainian Valentyn Shetfano made his wife a dress out of flour, eggs, sugar and caramel.

The dress was made of 1,500 cream puffs and weighed 20 pounds or 9kgs.

It took him two months to make - and even her crown, bouquet and necklace were made from caramelised sugar.

What do you think of these looks? Utterly bonkers or really cool?

Let us know in the comments below.

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