Valentine's Day: Buying cards for pets - would you buy one or do you think it's a silly idea?

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On Valentine's Day it's always nice to get a card and maybe even some chocolates, isn't it?

But what about receiving one from your pet? Or maybe even sending your pet a Valentine's Day card just to let them know you care?

Card company Moonpig says it's seen a big increase in the number of cards bought for favourite pets, and you can also buy cards from your pet to you.

So is this idea cute or crazy? We want to know what YOU think.

Do you love your pet enough to send them a Valentine's Day card? Or do you think the whole idea is a bit silly?

Vote and leave us a comment below.

Even if you don't want to send them a card, animals are great for cheering you up. So if you're feeling blue on Valentine's Day, maybe take your dog for a walk or play with your pet.

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