Who has Boris Johnson chosen to be in his new cabinet?

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Boris Johnson arrived at number 10 to announce the reshuffle

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reshuffled his top team.

The cabinet is a special group of the most senior member of the government.

The team of 20 or so ministers is chosen by Boris Johnson, most of them are in charge of a particular area of public life - for example, health, transport, the environment or how the country defends itself.

So who's who in the new cabinet?

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Sajid Javid has resigned from his role as Chancellor

This is Sajid Javid.

He used to be the Chancellor of the Exchequer, but he resigned just as Boris Johnson was giving his new announcements.

The chancellor takes care of how the country saves and spends its money, and Mr Javid was in the role for seven months.

He was the shortest serving chancellor in 50 years.

Mr Javid rejected the prime minster's order to sack his team of aides, or assistants saying "no self-respecting minister" could accept such a condition.

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Rishi Sunak used to work for Sajid Javid

The man who's replacing him is Rishi Sunak.

He's been the Conservative MP for Richmond in Yorkshire since 2015, and his boss used to be Sajid Javid.

He's seen as a rising star in the Conservative party, and Mr Javid recently said the "the force is strong with young Sunak".

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Alok Sharma will lead the next climate summit, COP26

Another big appointment is the minister for the upcoming climate conference, who's also the International Development Secretary.

Alok Sharma has landed the key job of running the UN's next big climate summit, known as COP26.

The summit is due to be held in Glasgow in November

priti-patel.Getty Images
Priti Patel will stay in her role

Some people stayed in their roles - Priti Patel will carry on as Home Secretary and Dominic Raab remains as Foreign Secretary.

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