Valentine's Day food: Heart pizza, cucumbers, nuggets, and pasta

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Heart-shaped-pepperoni-pizza.Getty Images
You're my missing slice: Asda and Pizza Hut are just a few of the places you can find heart-shaped pizza for Valentine's Day.

If your love for food is greater than your love for humans, then you'll 'pepper-onli' have eyes for these tasty treats.

Friday 14 February marks Valentine's Day when people all over the world will be giving cards, presents and sending their love to someone special.

In honour of the most romantic day of the year, lots of brands and supermarkets have been making special edition versions of their normal recipes.

Check out the treats that could make your heart beat a little bit faster.

Chicken nuggets
Nugs and kisses: If chicken is your greatest love in life then you'll probably enjoy these special nuggets
Yorkshire puddings
heart-shaped-yorkshire-puddings.Aunt Bessie's
Thanks for pudding up with me! These heart-shaped Yorkshire puddings were on sale last year, and they got so much love that they're back again for 2020
Cool as a cucumber: Marks and Spencer used a special heart-shaped mould to grow cute-cumbers instead of cucumbers
You make me melt: You can find this very special recipe in Lidl. We think it's grate, but is it too sweet for you?
You'll never be ravilonli again: If this cheesy Cosco ravioli tastes your fancy
Pancake my eyes off you: If you don't fancy making these flipping fantastic pancakes yourself, you can buy some ready-to-eat
You don't crump my style: Is there anything butter than hot crumpets on Valentine's Day
Egg and toast
Heart-shaped-egg-and-toast.Getty Images
Don't go bacon my heart: All you need is a heart shaped cookie cutter to make an eggcellent Valentine's Day breakfast