Phone in the toilet: Is it OK to use your devices in the loo?

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Do you ever take your phone with you when you go to the toilet?

What about others - how many people in the UK do you think take their phone to the loo?

Well, according to a new survey - it's over half. Apparently one in six take their tablet with them and 4% even use their game console!

In a survey of 2000 people, 40% confessed they'd accidentally dropped a gadget down the toilet or sink.

We want to know what YOU think - is it ok to take your phone to the loo with you or are you better leaving it somewhere else?

Take part in our vote and leave a comment below.

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For and against

You can understand why taking the phone to the toilet happens.

Loads of people love being on their phones, playing games and messaging their friends - and why waste that toilet time? It's good to multitask, isn't it?

But apart from dropping your device down the toilet, one of the big worries about taking your phone into the loo is germs - mainly from people using their phones without washing their hands.

Studies have found that one in every six mobile phones has dangerous bacteria that comes from poo on them!

We want to know what you think! Do you take your phone to the toilet? Take part in our vote and if you select yes - make sure you wash hands!

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