Pokémon: Professor Oak's new look - what do you think?

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professor-oakPokemon Company

Pokémon fans, listen up, Professor Oak's had a makeover.

The new prof looks totally different to the Samuel Oak we know and love.

He's swapped his white laboratory coat and short hair for sunglasses and long hair and a beard.

And Oak's not just got a laid-back look, he's got a new name too - Grand Oak.

professor-oakPokemon Company
Professor Oak before his makeover

It's part of a new app, Pokémon Home, being launched by Nintendo.

It's a cloud service that lets users move Pokémon they've caught and trade them on the go, launched on several platforms including Nintendo Switch and Android and iOS devices.

The new-look character Grand Oak will take users through the process of joining up.

What do you think? And which Professor do you prefer?

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