Safer Internet Day 2020: Kids say the internet helps them feel less alone

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How would you feel if you couldn't use the internet?

On average most kids spend more than two hours online every single day.

And new research by the UK Safer Internet Centre suggests more than half of children would feel lost or confused if their online accounts were taken away.

Just over a third of 8 to 17-year-olds asked said that it was easier to be themselves online than it was offline.

62% surveyed said they were more careful about what they share on the internet.

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We've got some top advice this Safer Internet Day

About the same number of young people said they felt the internet puts pressure to come across as perfect.

But the internet is used for good, according to more than half asked, who said they had sent a message of support to someone who was being bullied.

Being online is a lot of fun, but sometimes it can make you feel anxious or upset too.

So this Safer Internet Day (SID) we've got some top advice to help you out.

What is Safer Internet Day?

Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally every year.

It's a chance to get everyone talking about how to help children be happy, healthy and creative in all that they do online.

This year's theme is 'Free To Be Me'.

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A few friendly famous faces show you how easy it is to check in with your friends
How do you stay safe online?
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Do you feel you can be your true self online? Young people have their say

We asked for your top tips on how to stay safe online, and what your favourite parts of being online are.

One child said the best thing about being on the internet is "you can contact people you don't see that often".

Another said that if anything goes wrong "you should tell a trusted friend or parent".

Five top tips for staying safe online
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Always make the effort to be kind online

1. First and foremost - be nice to each other!

No matter what, always make the effort to be kind online - share the love!

2. Always get consent

Want to post that photo of your bestie at the beach? Make sure that you get their permission before you post. Whether it's a picture or simply a tag, it's always good to check with them first - what if it's something they don't want putting out there?

3. Look out for others

We can all help one another and make being online a more positive and safe space by speaking up when someone is mean or rude. It's good to be supportive - and to feel supported - when navigating the online world.

4. Filter out the negative

If you feel that something online isn't right, maybe it makes you think 'Ugh!' reporting inappropriate or illegal content and behaviour online can help to make the internet a more positive and safer space for everyone. You can make a difference!

5. Protect your rep!

The internet can be a force for good so seek out positive opportunities to create, engage and share; making the most of the online world. You're representing you when you post - so be the best version of you!

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