Oscars 2020: What's in this year's goody bag?

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This year's Oscars took place on Sunday 9 February

The Oscars have been and gone and we now know who all the big winners are.

Of course not every nominee could get their hands on one of the famous shiny awards, but all of them did leave with a goody bag packed full of cool stuff.

Well, we say 'cool stuff'.... we'll let you decide.

The "Everyone Wins" gift bags, which aren't actually provided by the award ceremony organisers, have been providing nominees with goodies for almost 20 years.

The bags are sent to all 20 acting nominees and the five nominated for Best Director.

This year's bag is said to be worth around $225,000 according to business experts Forbes - that's more than £150,000!

So what's inside? Read on to find out.

A 12-day cruise
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Yes, you read that right - it's thought nominees at this year's awards were gifted a 12-day cruise on a luxury yacht.

The luxury experience is all-inclusive which means meals, services and activities are all included and it's thought to be worth about £60,000. Nice.

A 24-carat gold bath bomb

Now for those who lost out on an award, they can still look a bit like one!

Rumour has it a 24-carat gold bath bomb was in the bag.

Exploding Kittens game
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What's a fun family night without a good old card game?

Each nominee can channel their competitive streak, with the cat-themed extravaganza, Exploding Kittens.

Foot spray
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Nominees will be able to keep their feet in tip top condition with some foot spray.

Stained glass portrait
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Who doesn't love a bit of art? Each goody bag was expected to contain a stained glass portrait from top glass master John Thoman recreating their favourite photo - how cool is that?!

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