Emoji jacket for cyclists designed by car giant Ford

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The jacket displays emojis and signs to communicate with other road users

Designers have come up with a new jacket that allows cyclists to communicate with drivers by using emojis.

The jacket has a light-up back which can display three different types of emoji, a hazard sign and arrows for indicating left and right.

The prototype, by car-makers Ford and designers Designworks, isn't available to buy at the moment but the hope is the jacket could eventually improve cycle safety by helping cyclists and drivers share the road more effectively.

Cyclists can change the emojis using a wireless remote on their handlebars.

Cyclists can use the jacket to warn other road users of hazards like potholes or pedestrians in the road.

Dr Neil Cohn, emoji and language expert at Tilburg University, said that emojis were ideal for communicating quickly in traffic.

"Emojis have become a fundamental part of how we use language. Whether used to convey facial expressions, humour, or sarcasm, they have become integral to our ability to express ourselves and quickly."

He said the jacket allows riders to "express their feelings and creates an important emotional link between them and other road users".

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