Gareth Bale has launched an e-sports team

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Gareth Bale has launched a new e-sports organisation called Ellevens Esports.

The Wales and Real Madrid player co-owns the new team with former footballer Larry Cohen and entrepreneur Jonathan Kark.

Bale released a video on Twitter talking about the launch and said: "I love the way it unites so many people, but I want to take it a step further."


Bale's team will make its debut at the Fifa eClub World Cup in Milan this week.

And he's inviting gamers from around the world to get involved in a talent hunt to get a professional contract with their teams.

Bale said: "There are similarities between football and e-sports in that it takes real dedication and sacrifice to reach the top of your game. I am looking to recruit a team of world-class players for Ellevens across a variety of games."

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Some players have already been recruited, there are people from Brazil and Bale's home country of Wales.

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