Could tonight's TV be affected by the high pressure weather?

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If you're watching live TV tonight you might experience some disruptions - thanks to some unusual weather.

The UK is currently experiencing record levels of high air pressure. Atmospheric pressure reached 1050.5 hectopascals (hPa) in Mumbles in Wales on Sunday night, the highest recorded since 1957.

This type of pressure can bend or reflect TV and radio waves and can have an impact on signals sent from transmitters to aerials. The high pressure could stop some TV channels from working temporarily and may also make images on screen pixelated.

Weather experts have put the rise in air pressure down to a powerful Atlantic jet stream - these are bands of strong wind in the Earth's atmosphere that blow from west to east - that pushed lots of air over the UK.

According to the BBC Weather service, the high pressure system has been driven by winds hitting 238mph (383km/h) over the central Atlantic ocean.

This has caused a "pile-up" of air over the British Isles which is pushing down on the land mass with the increase in air pressure.

People watching the BBC on iPlayer and those using online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime won't be affected.

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