Duke of Edinburgh Award: Are these the best ways for teens to build confidence and resilience?

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Which are the important experiences every teenager should have before they leave school?

Over 4,000 people were asked their opinion by the Duke of Edinburgh Award, including children and young people, members of the public, parents, business leaders and teachers.

According to the survey, the idea was to find a wish list of the key activities that give teenagers more confidence, resilience and independence.

There are 25 experiences on the list that takes in everything from getting a part time job to going to a live music concert, having a digital detox or making friends with an older person, and learning a foreign language to carrying out a random act of kindness.

We've picked out 10 and want you to pick which YOU think are important and which YOU'd most like to do.

Upvote the ones you like below - you get four votes, so use them wisely!

Then tell us in the comments what you think of the list, which you've already done and which you'd like to do.

What is the Duke of Edinburgh Award?

If you are in secondary school or have older siblings you may have heard of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.

The project was set up by the Queen's husband, Prince Philip, in 1956 - hence the name, Duke of Edinburgh!

It offers challenges and adventure to thousands of young people in the UK, and since it was launched millions of young people have taken part.

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