Meghan and Harry: The Queen, Prince Harry, Prince Charles, Prince William to meet to discuss future

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The Queen, the Duchess of Sussex and the Duke of SussexGetty Images

Prince Harry will meet with the Queen, Prince Charles and Prince William this afternoon to discuss his and wife Meghan's future.

It'll be the first face-to-face talks between the Duke of Sussex and his grandmother, father and brother since Meghan and Harry announced that they wanted to "step back" from being senior royals and spend more time living in North America.

The meeting will take place at the Queen's palace in Sandringham in Norfolk.

It's believed that Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, will be joining them on the phone from Canada, where she is looking after their son Archie.

Royal experts say it isn't really expected that they'll agree a solution at this first meeting, but it is hoped that the talks will produce a "next step" on the way to working out what the couple's new role will be.

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Kids' reactions to Prince Harry and Meghan stepping back

Five big issues with 'stepping back'

(L-R): The Prince of Wales, the Duchess of Cornwall, the Queen, the Duchess of Sussex, the Duke of Sussex, the Duke of Cambridge and the Duchess of CambridgeGetty Images

1. Money - who will pay for them?

The Royal Family get some money from the government called the Sovereign Fund and some of that goes to Harry and Meghan to pay for their royal duties. They are believed get much more money from Prince Charles and both of them have lots of money of their own. But if they are doing less, should they get paid less?

2. Being royal - will they get to keep their royal titles?

If they are either outside the Royal Family or inside but doing far fewer duties - should they still get to call themselves royal? This is important for things like social media accounts.

Harry and MegGetty Images
Meghan and Harry want to "step back" from royal duties

3. Where will they live? Meghan and Harry want to spend more time in North America, which most people think means Canada, which is part of the Commonwealth.

But will they still live in the UK and visit North America, or will they live in North America and only visit the UK when they have jobs to do?

4. What duties would they do? What does "stepping back" actually mean?

Which causes do Harry and Meghan want to be involved with? Which royal events will they take part in? Which countries do they want to go to? Experts say the Royal Family want to strike a deal that everyone is happy with, but what's agreed must be workable. If it works it could be a lifestyle that other members of the wider royal family could copy in the future.

The Queen, Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince CharlesPA Media
The Queen, Prince Harry, Prince William, Prince Charles will all meet on Monday

5. Making friends again?

The meeting could be a bit awkward as it's understood that the Royal Family were "hurt" and "disappointed" that Harry and Meghan made their announcements without checking with them first, so maybe a good family chat can help deal with any arguments between them?

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