Winter Youth Olympic Games: Some of the best young sports stars are competing

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Nick Hope gives us the lowdown on the Winter Youth Olympic Games

It's 2020 which means we are now just over six months away from the Tokyo Olympics.

But if you can't wait for that - don't worry!

Make sure to check out the best sport to look out for in 2020 here.

skier_jumps_in_airGetty Images
Freestyle skier Paula Cooper of the United States practising at the 2016 Winter Youth Olympic Games
What are the Winter Youth Olympic Games?

Almost 2000 young athletes from all over the world will take part in 16 different winter sports over the next two weeks, including freestyle snowboarding, alpine skiing, sliding sports like skeleton and monobob, plus team sports like ice hockey and curling.

Up for grabs during the games will be gold, silver and bronze medals in all of the sports.

The Youth Olympic games give athletes aged between 14 and 18 the chance to compete against other talented young people on a world stage and to enjoy the Olympic experience.

performers_at_youth_olympic_games_wearing_weird_outfirtsGetty Images
Like the adult Olympic games - the Winter Youth Olympics has a big opening ceremony with amazing and sometimes super strange performances

The athletes all stay in an 'Olympic Village' which is called The Vortex. It is a huge doughnut-shaped building which features a spiral runway all the way from the ground floor to the top.

The team members often share rooms with their team-mates and don't have to have parents or other adults staying with them - these rooms are JUST for athletes!

Like at the senior Olympics, there is an opening ceremony where one athlete from each team is chosen to have the honour of carrying their nation's flag.

mountains_lake_and_birds_flyingGetty Images
Lausanne, Switzerland
Where are they taking place?

The Games will be taking place in Lausanne in Switzerland, with some events such as the long track speed skating taking place in St Moritz.

Keep an eye out for plenty of spectacular scenery, mountains, snowy wonderlands and the speed skating taking place on a huge frozen lake!

winter_youth_olympic_games_athletes_stand_together_in_uniformGetty Images
14 of the 28 athletes representing Great Britain at the Lausanne 2020 Youth Olympic Games. From left to right the photo shows Mackenzie Stewart, Charlotte Longden, Robyn Mitchell, Scott Johns, Hannah Farries, Jamie Rankin, Amy Robery, William Scammell, Mirren Foy, Ross Craik, Abby Rowbotham, Evan Nauth, Carter Hamill, Jessie Taylor.
Who are the British athletes taking part in the Winter Youth Olympics?

There are 28 athletes competing for Team GB.

Skier Kirsty Muir who is 15 is one to watch out for.

She is expected to do well in both the slopestyle event - where the riders perform a series of tricks off jumps and rails - and the big air competition, where each athlete takes off from a huge jump and performs their best trick.

Curling is a sport you may never have heard of but it is commonly known as "chess on ice" - it's all about tactics and skill.

blue_and_white_cow_looks_happy_in_lausanneGetty Images
Yohdli the cow is ridiculously excited for the Winter Youth Olympic Games - are you?

Team GB's team includes Jamie Rankin, 16, who must have some curling genes in his blood!

His mum, Janice, was part of the team which won gold at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.

Charlotte Longden is taking part in the single seater monobob, where she must hurtle down an ice track at speeds of up to 80 miles per hour! She says it's the scariest thing she has ever done!

Speaking of scary, 16-year-old Mani Cooper will become the first British woman to compete from an Olympic ski jump - yep she will be flying down a ski jump from a height of 70 metres!

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