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Incredible ice sculptures in China

Check out these amazing pictures from the Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in China.
Check out these amazing pictures from the annual International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival in the city of Harbin in the north-east of China.
Aerial-view-ice-sculpture-festival.Getty Images
This is the 36th time the festival has taken place and it will last from 5 January until the end of February 2020.
The organisers say that each year a "charming and romantic fairy world is formed with ice and snow"!
Millions of tourists from around the world visit the region to look at the sculptures.
There's even a train for visitors to get around.
Imagine how long it must take to create something like this!
large-woman-head-ice-sculpture.AFP/Getty Images
Here are some of the workers, who've made the sculptures, adding some finishing touches. N-ice work!
These snowmen are pretty impressive. Ours never look like that!
snowmen-bird-ice-sculptures.AFP/Getty Images
These are the cutest snow bears we've ever seen. Brrrr-illiant!
Now this is an amazing ice dragon!
Dragon-ice-sculpture.AFP/Getty Images
A light display makes the sculptures look even cooler.
Ice-sculpture-festival-lit-up-at-night.Getty Images