Five things you need to know about Finland's new PM Sanna Marin

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It's not easy becoming your country's prime minister, but Sanna Marin has achieved just that at just 34.

It's a big deal as it makes Ms. Marin the youngest prime minister in the world.

She is currently Finland's transport minister but has been voted by her party members to take over from former leader, Antti Rinne.

Amazingly, becoming the world's youngest prime minster isn't the only incredible thing about this cool lady.

1. She's leading a coalition of parties all run by women
Katri Kulmuni and Sanna MarinReuters
Katri Kulmuni (L) and Sanna Marin will both be in the new government

Sanna is also in charge of a coalition of five other parties in Finland (including her own Social Democratic party) and each leader is a woman.

A coalition in government is when no political party wins more seats than all the other parties put together.

If this happens - the bigger parties can try to join up with others so they can rule the country together.

Many world leaders like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson are men and even though the number of female politicians around the world is growing, there's still a way to go for things to be balanced.

2. She grew up in an LGBTQ household
LGBT FlagPA Media

Growing up, Sanna was raised by a single mum who was in a same-sex relationship.

She lived in a rented apartment and back in 2015 she spoke to journalists in Finland and said she felt invisible when she was younger as she felt she couldn't talk openly about her family.

3. She was the first person in her family to go to university

Sanna grew up in a working class household and became the first person within her family to finish high school and go to university.

She first got into politics when she became head of the city council for her hometown in Finland in Tampere - at just 27 years old.

She became an MP in 2015 and has been transport and communications minister since June.

In just a few short years she's gone on to achieve major things, now landing the top job.

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4. She is a mum

If getting to the top of the political world wasn't enough to keep her busy, Sanna also has a 22 month old daughter.

She's previously said " I have never thought about my age or gender. I think of the reasons I got into politics."

5. She's under 40
Donald Trump and Jacinta Ardern

Becoming a prime minister at 34 is a bit like playing for a Premier League team before you do your GCSEs. Pretty impressive right?!

If we compare it to our record, Britain hasn't had a prime Minister under the age of 40 since William Pitt the Younger in 1806!

Meanwhile in the United States, a candidate has to be 35 to even stand to be President or Vice President. Donald Trump was 70 when he became US President in 2017.

Sanna Marin is not the only world leader under 40 though. New Zealand's PM Jacinda Ardern, was 37 when she got the job and Ukraine's PM Oleksiy Honcharuk is 35.

Congratulations Sanna!

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