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British Photography Awards 2020: Check out which pictures made it to the shortlist!

The British Photography Awards celebrates some of the country's best photo-taking talent. The shortlist for next year's awards has just been announced. It features 320 photos in total and some of them are pretty amazing! Here are some of our favourites!
Check out this cheeky animal! The Highlands cow was snapped in the Isle of Harris in Scotland.
cow-sitting-on-grass.Toamsz Kowalski/The British Photography Awards
This incredible photo was taken in the city of Bristol. The photographer woke up at 5am to capture the magic shot at the Bristol Balloon Fiesta.
balloons-in-the-sky-over-a-bridge.Harry Roth/The British Photography Awards
Welcome to beautiful northern Kyrgyzstan, in central Asia! This stunning photo shows a yurt frame sitting in the snow with some epic mountains in the background. A yurt is a circular structure that is covered with animal skins or felt used by nomadic people. Nomadic people tend to move around instead of settling in one place. We think it looks a bit like a big birdcage!
yurt-in-northern-Kyrgyzstan.Frankie Mcallister/The British Photography Awards
Check out this curious little monkey! Photographer Ian Wade spent four days watching Barbary Macaques at The Rock of Gibraltar. He loved taking pictures of the monkeys - and it's easy to see why! The cutie in this photo spotted its reflection in the photographer's camera lens and reached out to touch it!
monkey-by-the-water.Ian Wade/The British Photography Awards
American gymnast and Olympic champion Simone Biles was photographed in all her glory at the Superstars of Gymnastics event in London. The gold medallist was performing on the beam.
simon-biles-performing.John Patrick Fletcher/British Photography Awards
This shot is pretty spooooooky! It was taken in Indonesia and features a mesmerising Mimic Octopus. They get their name because of their clever ability to copy the behaviour of other sea animals like jellyfish and flatfish which helps to keep them safe.
octopus-in-the-sea.Maria Munn/The British Photography Awards
This breathtaking shot was taken in the Dolomites, a mountain range the northwest of Italy. The Dolomites has 18 mountain peaks in total. Just look at that sky!
houses-and-mountains.Lloyd Lane/The British Photography Awards