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Christmas trees from around the world

It's December so that means it's almost Christmas! And of course it also means festive firs are being put up all over the world. Here are some of the best ones from 2019 so far.
A spectacle of lights dazzled crowds as this Christmas tree in Vilnius, Lithuania, was lit up. The tree is sustainable as it's made from parts of damaged trees. In fact 6,000 of its branches come from them!
Vilnius Christmas treeGetty Images
Bethlehem's star sits on top of this twinkling tree near the Church of Nativity. It's traditionally thought that the tree sits over the cave which marks the birthplace of Jesus.
christmas tree in bethlehemGetty Images
New Yorkers and visitors from around the world make a BIG deal of the Annual Rockefeller Center Christmas tree lighting ceremony! It's known for its spectacular shows and live performances from celebrity guests.
Christmas tree lights Rockefeller centerGetty Images
Gaza's Christmas tree lighting ceremony took place on 3 December. The crowd were entertained with a Dabka dance - which is a traditional routine performed on happy occasions.
Gaza city christmas light switch onGetty Images
Check out this giant bauble! Although its technically not a Christmas tree, the bauble which is located in the city of Minsk in Belarus, is just as breathtaking. Look at all those lights!
giant-bauble-and-christmas-tree-in-Minsk.Getty Images
This illuminated Christmas tree lives outside Prague's iconic Tyn Church - which inspired the Disney castle! The lights on the tree are switched on at 4:30pm every day during the festive period.
prague christmas treeGetty Images
This red and gold Christmas tree sits outside Old Trafford stadium which is the home of Manchester United. The football club stuck to its famous kit colour with the decor!
christmas-tree-outside-of-old-trafford-stadium.Getty Images
Now isn't this an incredible sight! The Christmas display, which can be found in Russia's capital Moscow, includes streams of fairy lights which make the Christmas tree look very majestic.
christmas-tree-in-moscow.Getty Images
Another display in the Middle East, as fireworks lit up the sky when Ramallah's lights were switched on for their giant Christmas tree.
Christmas tree lights ramallahGetty Images
Golden like the state itself. Palisade's Christmas tree lights were switched on in California on 24 November. Visitors gathered around the tree to get in the festive mood as it's still fairly warm over there in December!
california treeGetty Images
This is El Salvador’s largest Christmas tree! It’s located in Plaza Salvador del Mundo which is also where the famous Monumento al Divino Salvador del Mundo can be found.
christmas-tree-in-el-salvador.Getty Images