Festive drinks could have more sugar than you think

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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, but it's also a time when we might have a bit too much sugar.

The sweet stuff is in a lot of our favourite treats and drinks.

But did you know some of your favourite hot chocolates in high street coffee chains can contain up to 23 spoonfuls of sugar?

A study by Action On Sugar looked at how much white stuff was in more than 200 drinks.

Try our quiz to see if you can guess how much sugar is in some of your favourites.

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Nutritionist Holly Gabriel from Action on Sugar said the findings were "shocking".

She said "coffee shops and cafes need to take much greater steps to reduce the levels of sugar and portion sizes".

Starbucks told us they are "committed to reducing sugar in all our beverages" and said that customers could change the size of their drink, or ask for a reduced-fat milk version or one with less or no cream.

From April 2018, soft drinks makers have had to pay more tax under new rules about the amount of sugar that goes into their products.

The new rules say that each litre of sugary drink would have an extra tax charge of between 18 and 24 pence, depending on how much sugar is in the drink.

However, sweetened milk-based drinks do not have to follow the UK sugar tax rules - which were introduced by the government as part of plans to tackle child obesity.

Reckon you know how much sugar is in some of the most popular hot chocolates in the shops? Have a go at our quiz.

If you cannot see the quiz, click here.

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