Gaming record on Twitch broken by streamer GiantWaffle

Last updated at 16:37

A streamer has broken the record for the number of hours playing games on the streaming platform Twitch in a month.

Andrew "GiantWaffle" Bodine streamed himself playing games for 572 hours. Over 30 days Bodine streamed for 19 hours a day.

During his stream he played games like Luigi's Mansion 3 and Rocket League.

It is not a good idea to do things like this online for that amount of time, something Bodine talked about before the challenge.

"Streaming 19 hours a day isn't healthy," Bodine told the video game website Kotaku last month.

"It's very obvious and I'm well aware of it. But a lot of people [are] trying to break records and push themselves to the limit in ways that are not seen as healthy."

Spending too much time playing games can be dangerous to health. It can also be a sign of gaming addiction.

In China, there's a limit on the number of hours that kids can play some games.

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