General election 2019: 'Put children at heart of election'

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Over 140 children's organisations are asking political leaders to put children at the heart of the general election.

On 12 December, adults across the UK will vote for who they want to run the country.

People have to be over 18 years old to vote, but these charities still want the voices of kids to be heard.

Organisations, including the National Children's Bureau, the NSPCC, Barnardo's, Action For Children and The Children's Society, have sent an open letter to all of the political parties.

They say they want to know what they plan on doing to tackle issues such as youth violence as well as mental health and poverty.

The letter says: "There are almost 14 million children in the UK but their voices are missing from the national conversation and far too little attention has been paid to their needs, particularly those of the most vulnerable.

"Instead, the debate on Brexit means the issues affecting children are being crowded out of the national debate.

"We are asking each of you to put children at the heart of this election."

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