New Doctor Who series begins early 2020 with Lenny Henry and Stephen Fry

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Doctor Who and her friendsGetty Images

Doctor Who will return to our screens on New Year's Day.

The Time Lord will ring in 2020 with a special two-part episode called 'Spyfall'.

Jodie Whittaker will be back as the thirteenth Doctor alongside all her friends.

There will be some new faces too as actor and comedian Stephen Fry and Sir Lenny Henry CBE will both appear in the series opener when the Tardis lands once again.

Stephen Fry on the left and Sir Lenny Henry on the right
Stephen Fry on the left and Sir Lenny Henry on the right

Speaking ahead of his Doctor Who appearance, Sir Lenny Henry said: "It was absolutely brilliant to be welcomed into the fantastical world of Doctor Who. The nearest I have been to the Tardis was when I played the Caribbean Doctor in the Lenny Henry Show, so as a life-long Doctor Who fan this is a very special moment for me."

Three new writers have jumped aboard the Tardis for series 12 with another three coming back from the previous series.

The Judoon and the Time Lord
The Judoon and the Time Lord face-off against each other

The show is set to welcome back The Judoon as one of the Doctor's fearsome adversaries.

It's been more than 12 years since these creatures terrorised the tenth Doctor - played by David Tennant - on the moon.

The rhino-headed police are now returning to cause havoc for Jodie in 2020.

The eleventh series of Doctor Who was the biggest series of the show in over a decade.

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