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World records: The world's largest drawing and other amazing feats

Johanna Basford OBE has broken the world record for the largest solo drawing! Let's take a look at her amazing achievement and some other crafty world records.
Scottish illustrator Johanna Basford has broken the world record for the largest solo drawing! She completed her masterpiece using pencil and black marker on her own in the gym hall of her old school in Scotland. The drawing is of lots of different flowers and she drew it in less than 12 hours. Johanna hopes her achievement will inspire others to be creative too.
world-record-breaking-drawing-2019.Sam Brill
In 2016, The Wildlife Conservation Society broke the world record for the most origami elephants displayed. There were 78,564 paper elephants made which were put on show at the Bronx Zoo in New York.
world-record-breaking-drawing-origami-elephant-display.Guinness World Records
In October 2016 the largest anamorphic (it looks different from different angles) pavement art was drawn by Yang Yongchun from China. At 391.93m long, it didn't just break the world record for the largest anamorphic painting, but the longest one too!
world-record-breaking-anamorphic-pavement-art.Guinness World Records
In June 2019, after two whole years, sculptors in Germany broke the record for the world's tallest sandcastle. The huge castle took three and half days to make and 12 sculptors and eight technicians. They used 11,000 tonnes of sand and it stood at about 26m tall!
world-record-breaking-sandcastle.Guinness World Records
In January 2018 Mother India's Crochet Queens broke the world record for the largest display of crochet figures. There were 58,917 items displayed in total. Crocheted items were collected from all over India and the world. The theme of this display was 'Go Green, Save the Earth'.
world-record-breaking-crochet-dolls.Guinness World Records
In 2018 Federico Delgado Heredia from Uruguay painted the world's largest painting using coffee. It took seven hours to complete and was named "No tomes una mala decision , tomemos un cafe" which translates to "Don't make a bad decision, let's have coffee".
world-record-breaking-coffee-painting.Guinness World Records