LeBron James: LA Lakers star makes triple-double history

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Just when you thought Lebron James couldn't get any cooler, he's made history for his triple double efforts.

The basketball player, who is a whopping 6 foot 8 inches tall, plays for the LA Lakers.

A triple-double is when a player achieves double figures in three different moves during a single game.

He is now the first player in NBA history to score a triple-double against every team in the league. But what else has this superstar achieved?

1. He's a movie star as well as a sports star
Space- Jam- 2.SpringHill Entertainment

LeBron is set to star in Space Jam 2, due to hit the big screen in 2021.

It's the sequel to the 1996 hit starring Michael Jordan, who teaches Looney Tunes very own Bugs Bunny and friends how to win a game of Basketball against superstar aliens.

2. He does stuff to help the community
Lebron James opened up a school in Akron with help from his foundation.

Away from basketball, James works to help people. The LeBron James Family Foundation aims to help single-parent families who need support.

The organisation also builds playgrounds in disadvantaged areas and hosts a yearly bike-a-thon, where school kids get given a free bicycle.

3. He loves cereal

Lebron has appeared in takeaway food adverts in the US, however LeBron was more than happy to reveal that he's obsessed with cereal, and that Frosted Flakes are his all-time favourite. Who knew?

4. He's friends with Jay-Z and they have a cool handshake
LeBron-James-Jay-Z-P-Diddy.Getty Images
Lebron James with rapper P Diddy and Jay-Z.

While Jay Z's favourite basketball team might be the Brooklyn Nets, the baller and hip hop icon are very close friends.

They have their very own handshake , and Jay-Z has actually written songs about LeBron.

LeBron JamesReuters
5. He might never have been a basketball player

At high school he was considered one of the most promising young American footballers in the country.

Many experts think he could have become a professional wide receiver, a position which requires quick reflexes and speed.

However LeBron decided his real passion was basketball, and decided to focus on that.

We think he made the right decision!

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