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Havana turns 500! Cuba marks anniversary with celebrations

Happy birthday, Havana! It's been 500 years since the capital of Cuba was established, and there were huge celebrations across the country to mark the anniversary
Fireworks were let off in Havana outside of the National Capitol Building – it’s one of the most visited sites in Havana. Cuba is the largest of island in the Caribbean Sea and, from the air, the island resembles a crocodile or alligator and so Cuba is often referred to in Spanish as "El Cocodrilo" or "El Caimá"
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Many of the city's buildings were lit up. This is El Capitolio, the Cuban National Capitol, which was inaugurated on 20 May, 1929. It was built to house Cuba's government. After the revolution in 1959, it fell into disrepair but is being renovated to be used by the government again.
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People gathered to watch the fireworks in Havana and across Cuba. For a long time a man called Fidel Castro ruled the country, he was one of the world's longest serving and most recognisable leaders
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People took lots of pictures of the celebrations. Cuba was once part of the United States of America, but was given independence in 1902
Residents celebrated across the Cuba over the weekend. The country is famous for its music and dance bands play all over Havana - did you know the Cha Cha, the Bolero, and the Mambo dances were all invented there?
As part of the celebrations, building were painted and lit up in different colours. Cuba is made up of over 4,000 islands and cays (banks of reef, coral or sand)
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