Venice Floods: Italian city is underwater again

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Large parts of Venice are under water again.

It's after as another exceptionally high tide swamped the Italian city.

Three of the worst 10 floods since records began in Venice, nearly a hundred years ago, have now happened in a week.

Venice was hit again with acqua alta, or high water, of 150cm on Sunday.

The huge tides have come despite things appearing to ease on Saturday.

venice-flooded.Getty Images

Emergency workers removed temporary walkways from St Mark's Square as the water started to rise on Sunday.

The major tourist site was already closed on Friday after strong storms winds and rising water.

Schools, shops and homes have also been affected in the city.

Last week's tides causes huge damage to the city with authorities saying it about 80% of it was underwater.

People have had to walk on a catwalk to get to different parts of the city

Venice is one of the world's most famous cities.

It's a Unesco World Heritage Site, has 50,000 people who live there and gets 36 million visitors each year.

There are also worries about other nearby cities.

Emergency services and people from the armed forces have been helping to strengthen river defences in Pisa, with authorities monitoring the same river in Florence after heavy rain made it rise dramatically.

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