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Lumiere 2019: Durham lights up for 10 year anniversary of festival

Incredible illuminations are lighting up the skies at Lumiere 2019 in Durham for the festival's ten year anniversary. Let's take a look at the brightest and best.
Durham's famous statue of 'the man on a horse' is magically transformed into a huge light-up snow globe just in time for Christmas. It's called I Love Durham, by Jaques Rival.
a-statue-of-a-man-on-a-horse-in-a-giant-snow-globe.Matthew Andrews
This incredible giant spring by Lucy McDonnell is called End Over End. Each coil lights up in turn making it animate like a real play spring.
a-giant-light-up-multicoloured-spring.Matthew Andrews
This giant tunnel by Dan Shorten is inspired by huge cresting waves and is called Light Tunnel. Anyone lucky enough to walk through it will be treated to sounds as well as a spectacular light show.
A-spiral-of-multicoloured-light-with-a-walkway-running-through-it.Matthew Andrews
This amazing piece by Diane Watson was made by collecting plastic items washed up on beaches in the North East of England. Diane made it to highlight the huge problem of plastic waste. It's called Washed Up and we think it's brilliant.
lots-of-different-types-of-plastic-shapes-backlit-on-a-plastic-board.Matthew Andrews
Ron Haselden, the artist who created this, wanted to make a secret neon stairway leading to 'heaven' that then disappears into plants and greenery before it reaches the top. It's called 'Echelle', which means ladder in French.
neon-light-up-pink-ladder.Matthew Andrews
Move over fairy lights, we want some of these incredible light-up trainers! Artist Deepa Mann-Kler called this piece Shoefiti which is also the term given to the trend of flinging shoes onto wires overhead - don't try it yourself it's extremely dangerous.
strings-of-light-up-trainers-across-a-street-at-night.Matthew Andrews
A dramatic statement from women prisoners at HMP Low Newton. They worked alongside poet Hannah Jane Walker on a project to write their own poetry. This was the favourite phrase of them all, chosen by the women. It takes pride of place on the wall of Durham Library - how appropriate!
A-strip-light-sign-in-white-reads-only-you-can-write-the-next-page.Matthew Andrews
Here's one that everyone can get involved with! This is CLOUD by Caitlin r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett. The artists wanted to make a statement about how powerful we can be when we all work together. Visitors make the sculpture light up by yanking the chains to light up the 6,000 bulbs above.
children-pull-chains-and-play-beneath-a-light-up-tree.Matthew Andrews
This mind-boggling projection lights up the trees on the banks of the River Wear. It's called Geometrical Trees by Javier Riera. The patterns are made by computer-generated mathematical patterns and Javier wanted to use his work to get people to connect more with nature around them.
waves-of-light-projected-against-a-forest-of-trees.Matthew Andrews
You can just about make out the fog at the bottom of this photo. The artist, Fujiko Nakaya, wanted to highlight the problem of climate change by bringing the 'clouds' to the ground.
church-illuminated-by-white-light-with-fog-at-the-bottom.Matthew Andrews
How do you fancy this to light up your room and send you off to sleep at night? This is no ordinary projector - this huge rotating cylinder is called The Stars Come Out At Night by Stellar Projects. At it spins it casts a universe of stars across the pavement and even plays a lullaby at the same time. Zzzzzz - we're nodding off already!
huge-spinning-projector-with-star-cutouts-on-its-side.Matthew Andrews
Durham Cathedral is a mash-up of different shapes and colours in this piece by Tigrelab Art. It's called stones and visitors to it can use two sets of controls at the foot of the cathedral to make their own video projections. Amazing!
durham-cathedral-is-lit-up-by-abstract-shapes-and colours.Matthew Andrews
This is quite a 'tale' of a whale! Mysticète, by Top’là Design is a 3D projection of the Baleen Whale - one of the many endangered whale species on the planet today. The work, projected directly onto water, is a reminder of how fragile nature is and that we must act now.
whale-wale-projection.Matthew Andrews