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The Comedy Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2019: The winners have been announced

We all love a funny animal photo and the 2019 Comedy Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards winning entries are hilarious. Take a look at the winners of each of the categories.
The People's Choice and Creatures Under the Water award went to Harry Walker for his photograph, titled 'Oh My!'. We love the sea otter's look of shock and OTTER cuteness!
Image of Sea Otter looking shocked in the waterHarry Walker
The Creatures in the Air award went to this funny pair of Croatian birds, who appear to be having a very heated disagreement. We wouldn't want to get in the middle of that...
Two croatian birds fighting. On the left one is looking away and on the right the other has it's beak open as if it is shouting at its partner.Vlado Pirsa
There were also a lot of Commended Winners on the list that didn't win a category award but were just too funny to miss! This chilled out chimp was pictured in Tanzania.
Chimp laid back on it's parent with arms under its headTom Mangelsen
A chest bump between an Antarctic fur seal and king penguin reminds us of everything that's right about the world.
Fur seal and king penguin chest bumpingTom Mangelson
This was part of a series of images for the Portfolio winning entry. The images give us a snapshot into the romantic lives of cape squirrels. The photographs are named 'First comes love... then comes marriage', and you'll see why next...
Cape squirrel holding flower in mouth to give to partnerElaine Kruer
Romance is in the air when these cape squirrels meet and perform their first dance...
Cape Squirrels dancing togetherElaine Kruer
And then they get married! A series of photographs that warms all of our hearts.
Two cape squirrels getting married with a third in between looking like they are hosting the wedding ceremony.Elaine Kruer
In true Strictly style, these red foxes from Holland do the 'Waltz gone wrong'!
red fox on the left is standing up holding onto red fox on the right who is upside down in the air.Alastair Marsh