Strictly Come Dancing 2019: Viscountess Emma Weymouth is the latest celebrity to leave

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Viscountess Emma Weymouth has become the sixth celebrity to be voted off Strictly Come Dancing.

This weekend nine couples took to the dance floor to perform a series of ballroom and Latin routines.

There were some highs and lows, but when the judges scores were combined with the public vote, Viscountess Emma Weymouth and Presenter Mike Bushell were revealed to be in the bottom.

Both couples performed their dance routines again, with Mike and Katya performing the Charleston, and Viscountess Emma and her partner Aljaž dancing to the Samba.

Mike and Katya survived another week

When it came to the judges final decision, they voted to save Mike, based on the fact that they thought his dance was more entertaining and challenging.

Speaking about her time on the show and her dance partner, Emma said: "I've loved this more than anything I've done in my entire life. I'm going to be forever grateful to you for working so hard, you've been so patient with me and teaching me everything. Thank you, I want to be friends forever because you're just amazing. I never wanted to let you down, I'm just heartbroken."


Aljaz replied: "You never ever let me down from the first day of rehearsals when I walked in. I'm the only professional to have danced with an actual lady on Strictly Come Dancing.

"From day one in rehearsals, your dedication, to go from a non-performer, non-dancer, to achieve what you achieved on this show, I'm lucky it was me that taught you how to dance. Thank you so much for every single second in rehearsals. On that dance floor you surprised me positively every single week. Thank you so much."

Emma's departure follows on from Catherine's last week, with Mike saved by the judges both times.

The remaining eight couples will dance again next week on Saturday at 7pm.

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