Children's bedtime: Should there be an official time to go to bed?

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Have you ever thought your parents are strict when it comes to bedtime?

Well, that's nothing compared to a Chinese region that has proposed new laws that children must be in bed by 10pm - even if they haven't finished their homework!

Parents are also banned from hiring tutors for their children at weekends.

The Chinese government in the region is trying to reduce the academic pressure on children.

What do people think about the plans?

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Chinese schoolchildren have a large amount of homework, along with after school activities, which can often keep them up late.

Responding to this, the Eastern Zhejiang region in China published a draft set of rules which said students should go to bed at a decent hour - with parents' approval - even if they still have unfinished homework to do.

They've suggested 9pm for primary school students and 10pm for middle school students.

The proposals could also ban schools from giving students exams that are too hard.

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Eastern Zhejiang's education department wants parents to stop putting pressure on their children. If it is passed the new law would stop parents from hiring tutors for their children at weekends.

They also want better counselling support for students.

The idea has sparked a debate about the Chinese education system.

Some parents are worried about the idea as they think that reducing homework will disadvantage their children and stop them from being able to pass the highly-competitive university entrance exams.

But others think it's a good idea to cut down on the amount of homework, exams, and pressure put on children.

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