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Halloween: Check out these petrifying pooches and scary dogs

Dogs in New York City have been dressing up for Halloween! This was for the 29th Annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog's Parade on Sunday 20 October, and we cannot get enough of their adorable costumes.
The day was a celebration of all different types of dogs and their costumes did a great job in bringing out their personalities. This fancy canine is working a gauzy pink dress and some show-stopping shades. A true diva and we love it.
Costume on dog at dog paradeGetty Images
Some dogs showed a remarkable resemblance to their animal friends. This dog cleverly wore a lion costume and its natural fur colour blended in so well that if you squint a little, you could well and truly be fooled!
Dog in Lion costumeGetty Images
Some dogs came with a strong message and it's clear their owners want to make a difference in this world. This eco-warrior made quite a statement by coming as the world on fire. A powerful message about climate change!
dog in a world sphere with fake fire on top.Getty Images
A costume that's just too cute for words!
dog dressed up as teddy bearGetty Images
We can tell that this dog means business as it strutted down the parade dressed as a triceratops. A look that screams strong, mighty and not a canine to be messed with.
dog with triceratops maskGetty Images
Who lives in a pineapple and walks on the street? Well, this sweet pup for starters! This little dog brought the tropics to Halloween as it wore a bright and shiny pineapple costume which stood out from the rest of the crowd.
pineapple costumeGetty Images
A clever twist on one of the most popular fairy tales. In case you haven't guessed, the dog on the left is Little Red Riding Hood and on right is the Big Bad Wolf! Brilliant.
little red riding hood costume on one dog and bad wolf mask on the otherGetty Images
Clowns, colourful and cuteness! These are the three words to describe this awesome look which lit up the parade like a rainbow on a rainy day.
dog in a rainbow costumeGetty Images